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Minister of Health and Family Welfare of Kerala State

AYUSH Department

Indian Systems of Medicine 

Directorate of Indian Systems of medicine at Thiruvananthapuram

Indian Systems of Medicine Department

The traditional systems of medicine are of great relevance to the health care of the people. It is calculated that majority of world population are still relying on various traditional systems of medicine. Kerala is the first state in the country, which separates the traditional systems of medicine into Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, Yoga & Naturopathy respectively.



 Comprehensive and cost effective health care through  Indian Systems of Medicine


 By improving quality of primary, secondary and tertiary health service delivery.

 Through prevention, curation promotion and protection of health of people by means

of traditional systems of medicine.

 Mainstreaming Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Siddha and Unani at all levels of health

care delivery. 

  By establishing appropriate speciality wings in secondary and tertiary levels.

Major Functions

The Department undertakes medical aid to the people through the wide network of Ayurveda Hospitals and Dispensaries, Naturopathy, Siddha & Unani hospitals and Dispensaries throughout Kerala. Service delivery is rendered by means of  in-patient and out-patient treatments through 815 Dispensaries and 127 Hospitals all over the state. It is with immense pride and privilege that the department if ISM is giving yeoman service to the health care needs in the preventive promotive and curative aspects of the population of more than 3 crores through the length and breadth of the state. Our institutions cater to the health need of the general public, tribal settlements, coastal belts, slums and even to very rural and remote areas. Our area of health delivery includes communicable non- communicable diseases, school health programmes, programmes for differently abled children, women and child healthcare programmes, Sports Ayurveda, health care programmes in association with various departments viz social justice department, state sports councils LSGD's etc. 


The Department of Indian Systems of medicine comes under Department of AYUSH Kerala, headed by the Secretary. The Department of Indian Systems of medicine is controlled and administered by the Director. Director is by 2 Joint Directors. Field administration is effected by 14 District Medical Officers. Apart from this to aid and advice the Director there is Administrative Officer, Accounts Officer and Administrative Assistant at the directorate.   The various hospitals and dispensaries under the DMOs have Charge Medical Officers. 5303 employees rendering exemplary service to cater the healthcare needs of people in different rank and file.   

Under the Department of AYUSH Kerala, headed by the Secretary, the Department of Indian Systems of medicine is controlled and administered by the Director supported by 2 Joint Directors, Administrative Officer, Accounts Officer and Administrative Assistant at the Directorate and District Medical officers at District level. All the Ayurveda, Yoga &Naturecure, Unani and Siddha hospitals and dispensaries are functioning under the District Medical officers concerned. Govt Ayurveda Research Institute for Mental Diseases Kottakkal Malappuram comes under the direct control of the Director.



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